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The Zoning Ordinance – Indianapolis-Marion County – Effective April 1, 2016 Chapter 743. Uses & Use-Specific Standards Article II. Use Table . Table 743-1: USE TABLE . P = Permitted use S = Special exception use V = ‘P’ if Vacant for 5 consecutiv I-10 E S T O R A L CBD-7 Zoning District Map - Planning District mi mi mi mi hu-rd2 mi hu-rd2 os-r mu-2 cbd-4 hu-rd1 hu-rd2 hu-rd2 hu-rm1 hu-rd2 hu-rd2 bip mi hu-rd2 hu-rd2 c-2 mi vcp hi cbd-1 cbd-6 hu-rd2 c-3 hu-rd2 cbd-5 hu-rm1 cbd-4 Zoning Bylaw 2018 | Victoria Zoning Bylaw 2018. Zoning Bylaw 2018 (18-072) applies to the Downtown Core Area. Zoning Bylaw 2018 (18-072) was approved by Council in July 2018 and is intended to support growth and development by adding new zones to the Central Business District and the Old Town area. Article 17 - Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance - City of New Orleans 17.2.H Purpose of the Central Business Districts Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Sub-Districts The Central Business Districts Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Sub-Districts are intended to include mandatory affordable housing requirements, in accordance with Article 28, in districts that allow the development of ten or more dwelling units.

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Images CBD-1 Zone: Optional Method of Development Max. Building Height 60 L yields 5 fl oors Planning Board Approval 90 L yields 8 fl oors CBD-1 Optional Method Typical Build-Out Plan Pattern and Form Existing development in the CBD-1 Optional Method zone Maximum Building Height and Floors CBD-1-Optional Method Thurston GeoData Center - Zoning Code Details Zoning Code: Detailed Description: Yelm: CBD : Lacey: CBD 4 : Lacey: CBD 5 : Lacey: CBD 6 : Lacey UGA: CBD 6: The central business district is the financial and business hub of the community. It is to be developed as an aesthetically attractive area of intense use. Toward this end, the county shall encourage the development of regional retail

Generally similar to CBD-1 zone except maximum density for residential uses is limited to 3:1 FSR while commercial uses may be developed to a maximum of 

In South East Queensland, the zones start from zone 1 in the Brisbane CBD. The Cairns and Townsville CBDs are within a special zone, zone 20. Travel to or  Zoning of land is the tool used by the County to regulate the use of property for the The purposes of Zoning are to regulate land use, prevent land use conflict,  Milton's zoning by-laws set the land uses allowed in each area of Milton, defines parking and landscaped areas and controls building location, size and height.

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D-1-CBD Downtown Core D-1-E Downtown Entertainment D-1-CMU Downtown Commercial Mixed Use D-1-RMU DowntownResidential Mixed Use D-1-AC  ​Zoning Districts​ See 51A-4.100 of the Dallas Development Code for specific details. ​Central Area. CA-1(A) R-1/2ac(A) - Single Family 1/2 Acre District